Ophelia & Niek (Vught)

20 augustus 2023

“I got to know Lotte via a personal reference. The first contact I had with Lotte was back in 2019 already, at that time we wanted to have our wedding in the summer of 2020. Unfortunately, due to covid and the birth of our daughter, we could not do it. So, in the spring of 2023, I contacted Lotte again and asked if she could recommend a few places in our region for our wedding party. She recommended a few venues to us and in the end, we chose one of them: Kasteel Maurick. I called the location, luckily due to a last-minute cancellation, they could squeeze us in for a Sunday in August 2023.

However, Lotte had her holiday already planned and booked, so on our wedding day she could not be present. We had to think of an alternative way on how to make our day as smooth as possible. Lotte sent me a whole script which contained every single detail/minute of the day, who and what and when it needed to be done. It was like a bible to me. By following this manual, I could arrange my families and friends to help me out and do the coordination on the day itself.

Thanks to Lotte, our wedding day was the most perfect day ever. Everything went smoothly and great. More magically, we even had a little visitor: a butterfly visited us during our ceremony. She also recommended a few suppliers which we contacted. Lotte’s approach is personal, direct and transparent. She is a down to earth, calm professional, I would recommend her to everyone who wants to have a smooth and dream day of your life.”

Ophelia & Niek

Fotografie: Robert Land Wedding Photography